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Azantys RPH
2018 Canadian warrmblood colt
Aquilan Calypso x Delight RPH
Azantys RPH
Azy is a BIG elegant boy with big correct movement.

His sire, Aquilan Calypso, was a hardworking guy his whole life, jumping in over a hundred grand prixs. We are his retirement home, and we love having him. His babies are sweet, kind and easy to train. They also have his elegant, cadenced movement. 
  Ace’s dad is Ahorn Z. Ahorn Z became an international jumping legend with the Dutch team competing in many World Cups and Grand Prix. He is famous for producing international show jumpers and breeding stallions, including Acord I, Acord II, and Acord III. Ahorn Z transmits courage, determined character and sincere force and structure without removing class. Ahorn's dam, Heureka, competed internationally and had many wins in Hamburg, Aachen, Bruxelles, Noerten-Hardenberg, Vienna, and Berlin, and won the Grand Prix of Aachen. She was one of the most successful international jumpers in the period 1969-71, and is ranked as one of the best broodmares in the world. Ace’s mom is by Calypso I. Calypso I produced both dressage stars as well as international jumpers. He is said to be one of the most significant sires and most uniform producer of elegant performance horses. He is considered an important pre-potent sire that consistently produced fabulous gaits and scopey movements in his get. He has 10 stallion sons and over 140 approved daughters.

Azantys' dam, Delight RPH, Delight is a big mare, and the splitting image of her sire. She has his big loft movement and his powerful jump. She also shares his contemplative manner and his intelligence. Delight was just awarded PREMIUM mare status by CWHBA.

  Her sire is Dammar. Dammar is a big moving, elegant stallion, who showed up to 1.20m before a career ending injury he sustained while playing in his paddock. He is powerful and scopey over fences, with an aggressive and bold way of going over fences. On the flip side, he is uphill, light on his feet huge suspension and cadence. His foals have consistently shared his athletisism and eagerness to jump, his big fancy movement and his uphill conformation. 

  Dammar’s sire is Dublin. Dublin is often described as a stunning horse and brings with him through his outstanding Dutch heritage the qualities that today's breeders are seeking; temperament, ability, quality, conformation, athleticism, elegance, power and movement. Dublin not only has proven himself in the competition ring, but also as a top sire with many children and grand children competing successfully in Holland, and around the world. Dublin is very similar to his outstanding sire Ulft in appearance. Ulft's sons in Holland include Olympic Ferro, Dublin, Ducaat and Boston. Olympic Ferro was a silver medalist in dressage at the Sydney Olympics. 
Dammars’s dam’s sire is Evergreen. Evergreen, passed his performance test in Adelheidsdorf in 1988, finishing 4th out of 38. Evergreen has exceptional jumping talent, which comes from his famous sire, Eiger I, producer of both top dressage and jumping horses. Eiger I is also the sire of the famous jumping stallion Espri, as well as Canada's Elute, successfully competed in international show jumping by Mac Cone

  Delight's mom is Bravada RPH. Bezee is a beautiful broodmare that we produced. She is by Consul. Consul continues to be one of the leading sires at Iron Spring Farm and is known for producing remarkable athletes for every discipline. Among his international stars are the show jumper Judgement ISF and the four-star eventer Critical Decision. His daughter, the Keur mare Hivona, is a Produce of Dam winner at Dressage at Devon and continues to be one of the top producing broodmares in the KWPN-NA. Bezee's mom is Watch me Walk Away, who has blood back to Nasrullah and Hoist the silver. She was bred to race but never did, instead has produced a number of quality wb x tb performance Horses. Bezee herself is an incredible athlete, with an impressive jump and elegant suspended movement. Although she could have been a high level performance horse in any discipline, we instead used her as one of our foundation mares here at Rosenol, where she has produced 5 amazing babies for us.

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